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  • GAMBO Metals supply a wide variety of extruded shapes employing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and Wire EDM systems in a fully equipped machine shop. Our tooling experts work with our customers to make their designs most efficient for the extrusion process. This collaboration early in the design process ensures a cost-effective product and may improve working tolerance.
  • All dies and tooling purchased by the customer for custom extrusions shall remain in the control of GAMBO Metals and used and maintained exclusively for the customer. All tooling costs must be paid up-front with initial order.
  • Tooling costs for extrusions are comparatively inexpensive when compared to forgings, castings, roll-forming and other competitive materials processes.
  • GAMBO Metals offers custom fabrication services to add more value to your custom extrusions. Our fully equipped machine shop can provide precision cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, sanding and wire EDM services. Ask our sales department for more information.
  • All GAMBO metals extrusions are produced under strict quality control. Incoming melt stock is chemically tested upon receipt. Samples of molten metals are taken from the furnace before each pour. Critical dimensions are checked at extrusion, stretching, straightening and cutting processes. Our emphasis is on operator training and proactive interaction by our quality technicians and craftsmen on the shop floor. Inspections take place at point of manufacture, rather than in finished goods. ......
  • Our sales team provide efficient sales service. All of our sales staff has extensive experience in metal markets. GAMBO recognizes that customer loyalty is earned and retained by providing timely and accurate information along with our products.
  • GAMBO Metals will provide quotation that specify tooling, material, pricing, terms, packaging and delivery time, or estimated completed date. GAMBO Metals will accept requests for quotation and orders received by email.
  • We accept the drawings in PDF, DFX, IGS or DWG. A full detailed drawing must accompany any new custom shape order. GAMBO Metals will make recommendations to make the product extrude and finish more efficiently, or work within our manufacturing capabilities. Completed drawings will require customer confirmation before tooling production.
  • As the copper price is instable, all pricing based on raw materials market price at time of order date .
  • GAMBO Metals will provide pre-production samples at additional cost.